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Exhibition room Gear production factory Garden Welfare facility Machine Tools Div. Factory Test facility Hydraulic Equipments,Transmissions and Marine Gears factory Test-run circuit

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Machine Tools Division Factory

In this factory we manufacture the following machine tools: Gear Shapers, Gear Deburring Machines, Gear Shaving Machines, Gear Honing Machines, Gear Grinding Machines, Internal Shaving Machines, and Vertical Turning Machines for piston and tire wheel machining. We consistantly make updates to our gear manufacturing technology in order to provide the best products to our customers.

Hydraulic Equipment,Transmissions, and Marine Gears factory

We manufacture transmissions for agricultural machinery and marine gears. Our hydraulic equipment manufacturing consists of valves, pumps, and motors.

Gear production factory

Our gear factory has been in production for over 50 years. Whole processes such as machining, heat treatment, and grinding are all handled within our company.
We produce 4,000 different types of gears each year including tranmission gears, spiral bevel gears, engine gears, and marine gears.
As a machine tools manufacturer, we want to continually update our technology of our gear production system. This allows us to provide the best and current products to our customers.

Exhibition room

Our R & D, design, and sales teams are all on site and communicate directly with our factory.
Our showcase room allows us to display our products and information.


With our company's environmental commitment, we take pride in the tree and flower garden we have grown. This area is an oasis to employees and in spring we host an openhouse day where the community can also enjoy the beauty of this unique area.

Welfare facility "Yawaragi Plaza"

This facility, complete with a cafeteria, wooden deck space, training gym, and locker room was built for the welfare of our employees and the community. The monument out front named, "Transmission of Happiness" greets visitors at the entrance.

Test facility

Using our test facility, we are able to enhance the quality and safety of our products. Our multidirectional test equipment confirms product specifications and allows us to make any necessary adjustments. The data and feedback are then sent to R&D to create a durable and reliable product.

Test-run circuit

We have over half an acre of test track containing slopes, grass, turf, and concrete. We can test our products by driving the vehicle throughout various terrains while under different variable constraints (speed, weather, tow loads, etc.).
At our track, Kanzaki products are developed through the toughest of tests.

(reference : Test track at Tuff Torq Corporation in the U.S.)