Development and manufacturing framework

KANZAKI has been developing drive train systems and machine tools from our headquarters in Japan for over 60 years. In order to have a strong and efficient connection with our local markets we operate using an "in-market" strategy. For example, to meet the U.S. market demand we have developed a strong R&D framework at our U.S. factory, which has been in production over 20 years.
KANZAKI group supplys quality products fast by using the well-trained team and proven technology at our headquarters.
In Indonesia, we have an extensive production structure ranging from gear cutting to HST assembly. This facility provides consistent quality, just like our main facility in Japan.
In the U.S. we have an R & D center and test track, focused on the advancement of our transmissions for recreational and utility off-highway vehicles.
  • Solution in production sceneWe at Kanzaki are committed to delivering quality products on time. Through our unique semi-automated production process, we are able to improve product performance and precision through the harmony of automated systems and human oversight. Our goal is to always deliver the best to our customers.
  • Project historyHere you can find a history of our products and how they have developed over the years.
  • Prideful technology by KANZAKIWe at KANZAKI pride ourselves in having leading technology at the core of our business. Our gear analysis, heat treatment, and transmission technology are what help us keep our promise of precision and quality.