Environmental policy

Basic philosophy

We strive for the preservation of the global environment as well as contribute to continuous social development.

Basic policy

Our basic philosophy is derived from our drive towards global and environmental protection. We prioritize the global environment throughout our products, services, and overall business conduct by recognizing it as our foundation. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our preservation and protection of the environment by finding ways to become greener and more efficient.

Action agenda

  • 1. Develop our products to further the preservation of the environment.
  • 2. Reduce the consumption of energy and resources throughout all sectors of the company.
  • 3. Reduce waste throughout all sectors of the company.
  • 4. Observe laws-and-regulations, strive for the prevention of pollution and contamination, set up a voluntary management standard value, and under take more preservation activities.
  • 5. Observe the requirements of others (a customer, an economic organization, a community, etc.) on which our company has agreed.
  • 6. Carry out an internal environment audit and aim for improvement in maintenance of the environment management system.
  • 7. Make all employees as well as community members aware of the environmental plan enacted, through pamphlets, presentations, etc.


ISO14001 Certification