Hydraulic equipment, Transmissions, and Marine gears

Our Hydraulic Equipment, Transmissions, or Marine Gears are the best choice to power any mower, agricultural machinery or Boat

Kanzaki has earned an excellent reputation for developing the best products to support a wide range of customers in industries like Agricultural, Industrial, Marine and many more.

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Wheel types
(Tractor, Rice planter, Transporter, Mower etc.)

In order to move the vehicle such as Tractor, Rice planter, Transporter, Mower, etc., the transmission is necessary. We at KANZAKI are developing transmissions suitable for the feature of each vehicle.

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Crawler types
(Combine, Snow thrower, Transporter etc.)

Crawler vehicle needs the transmission different from wheel vehicle transmission.

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For Marine

We are developing marine gears for the pleasure boat and commercial boats such as fishing boat and tugboat.

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For other purposes

We have wide range of transmitting product not only using for driving. We have always tried to develop and manufacture the product with the technology which is accumulated for 70 years.

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