Our Production Promise

Production is the source of competing power as with R & D. We construct a framework for delivering good products timely by own process guarantee, automation with a human element and improvement activity. We try achieving the factory which can deliver solution for customers.

  • Own process guarantee
    By controlling all aspects of the production process, Kanzaki is able to assure our customers that the products we provide are free of factory errors and defects that can occur when out-sourcing aspects of the manufacturing process.
  • Improvement
    Every KANZAKI employee is engaged and determined in making improvements in activity and our products while pursuing our commitment to quality and cost reduction.
  • 3S
    Our 3s slogan, originally "Seiri, Seiton, and Seisou" in Japenese, is a very important tool we use throughout our company. In English, "Sorting, Set-in-Order, and Shining" is applied to our international locations. The ultimate goal is that our factories, "can sell the products themsleves." We want customers to be impressed by our facilities so that they can feel confident in the products they are receiving from us.
  • Automation with a Human Element
    We separate our production lines according to the product volume. For a large order, we utilize robots during production in order to maximize both costs and quality.
  • Innovative Facilities
    KANZAKI's innovative facilities house various production processes. They are powered by our own machines and are consistently monitored through our tool technology in order to ensure maximum quality and precision.
  • Machining without Setup Time
    With the use of our new and improved jig and tool equipment we have the ability to produce various kinds of products without a setup time. This allows us to achieve a high quality with a short lead time.
  • Mixed Production
    On our production line conveyer, our jig and tool system has been improved to assemble products of various shapes and sizes in a single line. Because of this system, we can supply the product volume required by each customer.
  • Consecutive Production Framework
    We have a consistent production structure implemented in our factory in order to create an inclusive and fluid process from machining to shipment. This helps us provide the maximum value to our customers.
  • Fusion of Production, Sales, and Development
    Every associate from production, sales, and development work to achieve the most efficient form of production possible.
  • Relationships with our partners
    Our relationships with our partners are very important to us as they play a key role in our business. We share technology with a subcontracted factory in order to achieve different levels of commercialization according to customer demand.
  • Globally optimized production
    KANZAKI is able to optimize production and provide for our worldwide customer base by having production hubs in both the U.S. and in Asia. Every location contains well-trained technology derived from the parent company in Japan.
  • Digital Engineering
    Through our 3D-CAD, CAM, and CAE systems we are able to harmonize the development and production processes into "digital production".
  • Project HistoryHere you can find a history of our products and how they have developed over the years.
  • Technology to be proud of at KANZAKIWe at KANZAKI pride ourselves in having leading technology at the core of our business. Our gear analysis, heat treatment, and transmission technology are what help us keep our promise of precision and quality.
  • Development and Manufacturing FrameworkCurrently we operate R & D centers in the U.S. as well as having a production facility in Indonesia. With our commitment to consistent quality and price, we are able to be a top manufacturer to the global market.