Message from the President

Ever since Kanzaki was founded, we have worked as part of the Yanmar Group to develop innovative products based on the core technologies of Machine tools, gears, and hydraulics .Thanks to advanced technology and High quality, these products are today widely used in a variety of fields. Our transmissions for garden tractors and other light vehicles, in particular, have earned an excellent reputation overseas, and we have aggressively moved to establish a global presence that includes manufacturing subsidiaries in the United States.
The gears, hydraulic equipment, transmissions, and other products we produce play a vital role in transmitting power for the machinery industry. In addition, Kanzaki gear shaving machines boast a large share of both the Japanese and global markets.
In the future, inspired by our corporate spirit of "yawaragi," Kanzaki will continue to pursue our goal of contributing to the betterment of human society through the development of exciting and innovative products for a diverse range of fields, from household applications to industrial use.

President & Chief Executive Officer Yoshimune Yamaoka