Three strengths

Kanzaki leads the industry in technical aptitude, global readiness and innovation development.

Our premier gear and hydraulic technology can be adapted and utilized in wide variety of our products and market applications. We are committed to finding solutions to all of our customers specific needs through the application of our R & D, production, and sales departments. Currently we supply over 200 customers with various products. Kanzaki is committed to becoming a partner with our customers to develop the very best products to meet their needs in the local market and around the world.

Product Development Capability

"While I was in the process of developing a new mower transmission, I wanted to make driver comfort a key focus. After researching and speaking with our customer base in Europe and North America we realized that we needed to adapt our product to fit their specific needs. We developed the transaxle "K46", which provided our customers with the comfort they needed along with the operating capabilities adjusted to their distinct landscape. We were able to listen to the problems they had and find a solution that benefited both of us.

We strive to understand the value we provide for our customers and always hope that it is the most possible. We welcome suggestions and are always willing to take on the challenge of developing a new technology. It is our pleasure to serve and solve the problems of our customers and we will continue this mindset in the future. This thinking is what drives KANZAKI development."

R & D dept. manager M.Iida

Product development capability

Product Development Capability

Because KANZAKI has developed our own technology, we are able to develop and produce driving systems utilizing gear, hydraulic, and transmission technology. Our Machine Tools Division supplies tools for gear and lathe treatment, which yeild maximum precision and efficiency. We deliver these machine tools as a production line and on a turnkey style.

Technical Capability

Global Readiness

We have two companies in the U.S. and two in Indonesia in addition to our head office in Japan. We are able to utilize these hubs of development, production, and sales, and properly support our customers outside our regional market. We are in constant communication with customers from over 20 different countries and are engaged in meeting their needs. As a true market leader, Kanzaki has the ability to purchase resources in volumes that our competitors cannot match. This gives us the ability to lead the market in product costs and share those savings with our customers.

Global Readiness