Project History

MD Series Realizing Smaller Size And Reduced Noise

Mini excavators are essential machines for civil works construction.

They use a hydraulic pump that generates significant hydraulic noise that is especially annoying in the late evening hours. This hydraulic pump supplies oil to the hydraulic cylinders and motors of these small excavators very much like a human heart supplies blood to the arm and legs. Our challenge was to develop a pump that operates with greater stability and is silent.

KANZAKI's hydraulic MD series pumps use a cradle swash plate system that is most effective in reducing noise. This system makes the pumps more compact and contribute to ultra-small turning.

Another feature of the MD series pumps is a unique torque control structure exclusively for small excavators. Torque control makes the most of engine power and prevents engines from stalling during overloading by keeping a constant oil pressure and flow.
The MD series pump is a unique solution for tight and quiet spaces.



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