Project History

New HST series to make miniaturization united to making to high power

R & D dept. manager Y.Nakai

The HST is a continuously variable transmission combining a hydraulic pump with a hydraulic motor and is named from Hydro Static Transmission.

The MT and HT series of HST's are all-in-one designs that incorporate the pump and motor into one very light and compact housing. This trouble free design allows variable change in speed with the operation of only one lever or pedal.

The HST has been installed in agricultural implements and machines of Japan and North America major manufacturers with great success.

KANZAKI's new series of HST's are more compact and deliver greater power. With our superior design knowhow, we have extended our product line to include 30 and 38cc pumps incorporated into the same housing as our popular 23cc pump.

Some features of this unit include:

1. Capacity improvement to 30cc and 38cc. The current output ratio is 1.7 times higher than in 38cc conventional models; greater power has been achieved in the same package.
2. Two models, MT30/38 (manual operation type) and HT30/38 (hydraulic servo control type) are available.
3. Common installation allows for common operation links when using both 30 and 38cc units resulting in lower costs for OEM's.
4. Electronic control of the hydraulic servo system is an easy option by exchanging to an electro proportioning valve.

This light & compact HST series satisfies the demand of high horsepower and high efficiency.


R & D dept. manager Y.Nakai


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