Project History

HMT, new type Transmission

KANZAKI products are uniquely designed to transmit the limited engine power in a vehicle to the wheels and work implements. However in certain situations the transmission efficiency and maneuverability in changing speed are mutually contradictory. In order to realize both, a variety of speed changing methods have been designed.

For instance, for mechanical transmissions a gear slide -> constant mesh -> synchronized mesh has been developed for improved operation. However these systems need clutch operations to start and shift. To solve this, the HST - Hydro Static Transmission was developed. This unit combines an oil pressure pump with a oil pressure motor enabling smooth driving without clutch operation. The transmission efficiency is lower than mechanical and its structure is more complicated compared with manual transmissions.

Our engineers have now succeeded in uniting the best of both mechanical and hydrostatic with the creation of the HMT - Hydro Mechanical Transmission. It is a technology installed into large size machines for various applications in Europe and America. However, this is the first case in Japan for HMT to be equipped with "Rice trans-planter" or "under 100 PS agricultural tractors.

The HMT combines a small HST and planetary gear unit. This enables the user to increase and decrease velocity by the use of one lever or one gas pedal without clutching. Additionally, full power can be transmitted to the gear transmission without using the HST. The transmission efficiency of the HMT is equivalent with that of mechanical transmissions in the most used speed region enabling the user to maintain a constant speed or to provide various functions such as automatic deceleration and others, depending on the load in combination with electronic control.

Let us show you how this HMT can be applied to your application.



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