IHT Transaxle K664

Small IHT (Integrated Hydrostatic Transaxle) with minimal limitation for installation

  • Speed control system can be selected between hand control and foot control
  • Cooling fan is optionally installed above the input shaft
  • With hydraulic front axle "KXH", available for hydraulic 4WD system


Applications 4WD Riding Mower
(Lawn Tractor)
Reduction Ratio 37.22:1
Rated Axle Output Torque (N・m) 420 with 37.22:1
250 with 22.19:1
Max. Tire Size (inch) 23 with 37.22:1
18 with 22.19:1
Parking Brake Capacity (N・m) 330 with 37.22:1
216 with 22.19:1
Pump/Motor Displacement (cc/rev) 10/10
Max. Input Speed (min-1) 3,400
Axle Shaft Diameter (mm) 25.4
Max. Static Weight on Axle (N) 2,800
Dry Weight (kg) 19.8
Parking Brake System Wet Disk, Internal
Differential Lock Option
Speed Control System Foot Control : Dampening System or External Shock Absorber Available
Hand Control : External Friction Pack and Lever Available
Auxiliary Hydraulic Output Option (For Power Steering, Lift and Others) 6.9(L/min), 3.1(MPa)@ 2,000(min-1)
External Filter Change Option
Bypass Valve Standard
Oil Reservoir External Reservoir
Oil (L) SAE 10W-30 Class CD 5W-50 (Option) 3.0

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