Piston Motor KTM23

Hydraulic motor unit driving by separated pump

  • Compliant with rear discharge chute
  • With piston pump KPS-23, configurable hydraulic 4WD system


  KTM23 Fixed KTM23 Variable
Piston Type Shoe Less Type
Motor Displacement (cc/rev) 22.2 15.9~21.6
Reduction Ratio 14.8:1
Dry Weight (kg) 21.0 24.5
Machine Max. Weight (kg) 900
Axle Shaft Diameter (mm) 25.4
Applicable Tire Diameter (inch) 18
Parking Brake System Wet Disk -
Parking Brake Capacity (N・m) 737.5 -
Bypass Valve Standard
Oil ISO VG46 or SAE 10W-30 Class CD


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