Machine Tool Technology

Kanzaki offers total solution production process planning

With our extensive range of gear processing machines, lathes, and specialized machines, we can provide a plan that meets the specific needs of our customers. In addition to gear processing, Kanzaki's technology is leveraged in automotive transfer lines, delivering more efficient processing and reducing production costs, all the while meeting the specific needs of an extensive range of customers.

The Evolution of Kanzaki's Gear Production Process Technologies

Gear finishing machines and automobiles have always evolved in tandem. By working closely with our customers to meet their needs, we have consistently been an active contributor in Japan's strong performance as an automotive manufacturer.

Kanzaki offers gear grinding, honing, and shaving machines. The shaving machines developed in the 1940s were pivotal in shaving machine evolution by being more productive and lower in initial costs. Additionally, the reduction in gear noise that they achieved was unprecedented. These days, gear finishing machines are not uncommon; however their downside is that the finishing process takes place prior to heat treatment. Warping that occurs as a result of heat treatment significantly contributes to gear noise.

To offset this limitation, gear shaving, honing and grinding machines came into existence to provide additional applications for specific purposes. Gear grinding machine technology has been around since the 1950s. At the time, while gear grinding machines enhanced productivity and reduced costs, it took a while for them to gain traction in the markets. With further developments in processing technology, machines these days allow for greater processing productivity, and their specific advantages as finishing machines have given them strong reputations.

Honing machines, a comparatively newer machine, came onto the market in the 1980s. They overcame the limitations of gear grinding machines by optimizing deburring and multistage gear finishing, in addition to removing undulation which effects the lead direction resulting in noise. Moreover by being able to press up against a wider area when processing, gear teeth scorching was no longer a problem. From here on in, for high-cost vehicles, honing machines will be critical in the creation of topological (3D) gear tooth profiles. Recently, as machine rigidity and precision has improved, as is further explained below, innovations have been made that minimize the hobbing/honing and hobbing/grinding gear shaving processes, further enhancing productivity.

Of course the production volume and the level of precision will be major factors when considering gear finishing processes. Kanzaki's strength is that it offers solutions for all processes. Innovations in machine technology have led to innovations in processes, and this has allowed us to minimize production costs for our customers.

Piston Processing and Equipment

Kanzaki's innovative lineup of vertical lathes and specialized boring machines is just another way our technology can help you achieve high-performance transfer lines.
The HX allows for more efficient processing of oilhole, pinhole, side relief, and snap ring grooving, and all this is completed using just the one machine. The PN5 (linear specs) allows for oval shaped processing of the outer diameter at the high speed of 4000min-1. Additionally, the PH200 allows for non-circular processing of pinholes.