Heat Treatment・Surface Treatment Technology

KANZAKI supplies gears with the intensity optimized mainly for agricultural equipments with a best mix of our tachnology such as cementation, shot peening and others from the experience and know-how of heat treatment so far.

Manufacturing Facility

KANZAKI has cementation facility in the factory and manufactures gears for transmissions.

Facility Purpose Manufacture
Cementation furnace - Chugai Ro Co., Ltd. / Oriental Engineering Co., Ltd.
Vacuum cementation furnace ・To reduce an abnormal carburized layer Nachi- Fujikoshi Corp.
Shot Peening ・To induce compressive residual stress -
X-ray diffractometer ・To evaluate compressive residual stress after shot peening MSF-3M(Rigaku)
・Scanning election microscope(SEM)
・Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopic analysis
・To observe cross-section surface
・To search contamination

Cementaion and hardning

The examples of the processed goods at KANZAKI factory

For general purpose(Reduced cost by using city gas)
High strength with reduced surface softened layer
Vacuum cementation:
High strength with reduced surface abnormal layer
Carbide dispersion carburizing:
High strength with dispersed carbide particle