Hydraulic Front Wheel Drive KXH Series

Hydraulic front wheel Drive developed for mower

  • Will not damage turf due to well controlled front tire speed.
  • Able to make the tightest of turns (same as 2WD vehicle).
  • On-Demand 4WD with no need for shifting reduces energy loss and makes shift lever unnecessary.
  • (KXH-13) Available for front attachment installation.


  KXH10N KXH13
Applications Lawn & Garden Tractor
Riding Mower
Garden Tractor
Riding Mower
Rear Tire Size(inch) 23,24 26
Front Tire Size(inch) 16 18
Recommended Rear Transaxle K664 K914
Pump/Motor Displacement of Rear Transaxle(cc/min-1) 10/10 18/18
Rated Axle Torque(N・m) 240 490
Max. Oil Flow Rate(L/min) 37 65
Gear Reduction Ratio 14.42:1 14.81:1
Max. Static Weight on Axle(kg) 250 600
Axle Shaft Size(mm) 19 Flange Type
Weight(kg) 18 61
Oil(L) SAE 10W-30 class CD
SAE 10W-30 class CD

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