Piston Pin-Hole Boring Machine

Piston Pin-Hole Boring Machine PH Series/PN Series


Non-Circular hole drilling like piston pin holes (PH200)
Non-Circular hole drilling like piston pin holes
Applicable to wide variety of user's
Roundness for perfect circle processing : 1μm
Cylindricity for perfect circle processing : 4.5μm
Non-circular configuration accuracy ±2μm or less
Shorter the cycle times
This machine can processed into the hole other product as well as piston (Configuration data input-only software)
To a new stage of the non-circular machining from a perfect circle processing
Piston pin hole boring machine meet the needs of the piston shape to one-of-a-kind technology

●Perfect circle + Conical
●Oval (wide)+Conical
●Oval (long)+Conical
●Non-circle (wide)+Conical
●Non-circle (long)+Conical
Turning out-of-roundness parts like pistons (PN5)
Y axis slide drive by linear motor enables you to operate high speed and high accuracy turning.
Controllable tail stock force which can be entered on CRT.
Small footprint machine PN5 only requires 2.0m2 floor space.
Upright out-of-roundness turning brings you a shorter cycle time.
Part processing can be edited on your PC easily with our software.
Linear motor drive design
No mechanical backlash
Acceptable a main spindle roatation 4,000min-1
The PN5 delivers long term precision and avoids thermal displacement through heat transitions.


Work diameter mm Φ100mm以下
Piston hole diameter mm Φ19mm~Φ40mm
Main spindle speed
(Non-circular processing)
mm 2.500min-1
Floor space mm 1,155×2,650×2,400
Weight kg f 3,000

Max.Swing over saddle Φ300
Workgear outer diameter mm MAX. 300
Workpiece length mm MAX. 100
Number of CNC spindle 1
Main spindle nose shape Φ165 Flat Face
Main spindle speed min-1 MAX. 330 (13.0)
X-Axis stroke mm 180
Z-Axis stroke mm 195
Y-Axis stroke mm 3
Table stock stroke mm 110
Motor main axis NiI112S/1500
Motor X-Axis AiS8/4000
Motor Z-Axis AiS/4000
Motor Y-Axis LiS3000A1x2units
Tail stock AiS2/5000
CNC unit FANUC 31i-TA
Total power (Standard) KVA 12
Floor space mm W1190xL1620xH2250
Weight kg 3,000

Automation allows for more productive vertical constructions.