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We offer the most appropriate drivetrain solutions integrating our hydraulic and gear technology.

TUFF TORQ Products

These products are marketed under the brand of TUFF TORQ.

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Compact transmissions optimized for lawn, garden and compact agricultural machinery

Integrating our hydraulic and gear technology fostered so far, Tuff Torq successfully designed transmissions with compact size, high performance and durability, which have gained a reputation for products responding to our customers' need. Especially, our transmissions for lawn mowers are popular as industry standard with 50% share in North America and growing business with major manufatctures in Europe.

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Front Axles

Photo:Front Axles

Front axles for four-wheel drive system to minimize turf damage

Tuff Torq's hydraulic front axles were designed to meet our customers' pontential need for an innovative solution to traditional mechanical front wheel drive system. These products are on of a kind and gain a reputation from domestic and overseas customers.

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HST, Pumps, Motors

Photo:HST, Pumps, Motors

HST, pumps and motors with compact size, light weight, high efficiency and high durabiity integrating Tuff Torq's advanced hydraulic technology

The HST is "Hydrostatic Transmission", which is infinite variable transmission with the combination of a hydraulic pump and motor into one housing. Tuff Torq's HST is installed mainly in agricultural machinery by major OEMs throughout Japan, Asia, North America and Europe with a high reputation for performance and quality.

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Other Hydraulic Components and More

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Valves and Integrated Hydraulic Equipment

Photo:Valves´╝îIntegrated Hydraulic Equipment

Product lines to achieve precise control demanding in agricultural machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters and rice transplanters

We have offered valves and integrated hyraulic equipment optimized for customers' application from agricultural to industrial machinery and earned the reputation of being consumer-conscious. We will continue to offer hydraulic components and systems in application where high performance and reliability are required.

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Other Components

Products Features
Gear Box for Submersible Pumps Planetary gear box set up with electric motor compactly and tamdemly.
Gear Box for Electric Scooters Planetary gear box set up with electric motor compactly and tamdemly.
Transmissions for Transporters and Golf Carts Transmission can be powered by gasoline engines and electric motors.

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Hydraulic Equipment & Transmissions
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